Thor x reader lemon

Originally posted by lokitty. Thor takes quick notice of what his brother desires and takes matters into his own hands. Thor gets close to you, but only under his brothers supervision, forcing Loki to make you his. His arm gripped onto your waist. Not really caring, you let him stay close. At first you appreciated it but by the time he repeated the comment again, it seemed fishy. In that moment you caught his eyes wandering to the other side of the room for a split second. Crossing your arms and looking over to the same spot he was eyeing down.

There sat the handsome god of mischief. Glass in hand and book in the other, completely ignoring everyone around him. He appeared right behind Thor and without any hesitation and stood next to him. His face was nothing but serious. Thor nodded his head and took a drink of the beverage in his hand. After a moment of awkwardly standing there, Loki rolled his eyes.

They both went into the empty hallway outside of the ballroom, leaving you to sit on a bar stool alone. What are you doing?

I thought you said you liked that other woman? If I do beat you to it then you better have learned the lesson behind my actions. He flashed you a smile before looking back at the doors that he came through. No sign of Loki. Do you want a drink? Did Loki do something? You seem on edge. Shaking his head before grabbing the drinks and handing you yours. Are you enjoying the party? Tonight was going to be a hard one to pass, especially because Tony forced you to attend it and threatened you if you left early.

You set your glass on the bar table before putting a finger up to the server, signaling for another one. Too many people, in fact. I rather prefer the small ones that only include the Avengers and maybe a few other agents.

CLEOLEMON FANFICTION — Admit it (Loki X Reader)

Knowing you had no plans or missions for another week or so, you decided to let yourself relax for once. I rather be in my room anyways, on the plus side I am feeling a bit light headed.

thor x reader lemon

I assure you, I have nothing better to do. Walking, more like tumbling, down the hallway, door by door until you located your own and opening it up. You stumbled into your room, ready to fall asleep with the carefree mindset from the alcohol. Turning to see the god of mischief laying against your pillows, reading the same book from earlier.

You rolled your eyes before walking to your bed stand and removing the jewelry to put it into your drawer. See, even internally you mock him. You stood at the end of the bed, staring at the handsome God that was laying comfortably on your bed. He took note of your irritation before giving you a smirk. You squinted your eyes at him.Just as your hand passed through the threshold of the bag a loud knock echoed through the lounge room, making you flinch and pull your hand back.

He shrugged, "I am! Everyone looked questionably at the blonde man. Steve knew very few people outside of the group, he had spoken of a few others he had either met or reconnected with recently, but you had certainly not met them. You all looked among yourselves; Thor and Loki were the only ones to not quite understand your confusion. Everyone leaned in so they had a clear view of the door, it wouldn't have looked quite so ridiculous if it was subtle, but it was far from it.

Clint and Tony moved to lean over the edge of the three seater couch, Natasha had turned around almost completely to see passed the both of them, Bruce had meandered closer to you, and Thor and Loki looked between themselves for a moment before doing the same as Bruce had.

The two men that stepped through the door were slightly shocked to have all of the eyes in the room focused on them. Steve shut the door and turned, smiling at his friends, "This is Sam," he gestured to the smiling dark-skinned man standing to his left, "and this is James, but everyone calls him Bucky.

His seemingly cold gaze caused a flutter of butterflies to enter your stomach, and a soft blush to form on your cheeks. Tony cleared his throat, breaking the sudden silence. Would you care to join us? Tony let out an unsympathetic laugh and climbed down from the couch.

You face-palmed, great first impressions Tony… "How would that work exactly? Clint took it upon himself to explain the rules, Sam agreed of his own free will, Bucky on the other hand needed a little encouragement from Steve, but he did eventually agree to join the game. Sam and Bucky each put an item into the bag, and, of course, you weren't allowed to know what items they chose. You sighed and reached in. A small, cold metallic disk hit the tips of your fingers first, so you decided that that was what you were going to take.

When your hand emerged from the bag, a small, old fashioned coin sat squarely in your palm.

Thor x Reader Hot Cocoa

That belongs to tall dark and terrifying over there. Your eyes moved to Bucky, he gave Steve an unsure glance before the blonde man nudged him towards you. His chocolate brown eyes locked with yours as Clint shoved you both towards the closet. The already confined space mixed with Bucky's imposing stature made you feel claustrophobic. His apparent need for silence didn't feel right to you either; it left a quiet tension between the both of you…. You shifted your weight from one foot to another, the loose tile beneath you and the squeaking of your shoes seemed far louder than they should have been.

Soft click sounded and you were graced with the emanating white light from the bulb above you, "-Light! Bucky looked towards you for a moment before refocusing on your surroundings.

Did he really detest being in the closet with you…? You weren't sure how long you were staring, but you found yourself unable to look away… You didn't know the man in front of you, even if you had been told most of the details of 'The Winter Soldier' incident, but just from a single look, you felt like you knew his entire story, the sorrow, pain and loss, the happiness, friendship and the torture.

Being an Agent of S. You regained your composure and shook your head to clear your mind, which earned an ever-so-slightly concerned look from Bucky.

He glanced at it for a moment and shook his head, "You can keep it," he said. Your head tilted to the side slightly, "Are you sure…?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". A collection of reader-insert imagines varying between fluff, angst and smut for melanated girls with curls.

A collection of snippets in line with the soulmate AU. There will be happy times, sad times, cute times, sexy times. Fist meetings, deaths and just little moments. Requests are welcome, can be strcitly characters or reader x character.

Our hearts," he took my hand carefully in his and pressed it against the center of his chest, "beating as one. Do you feel it? The link that exists between your heart and mine, the void inside me filled upon receiving your touch. I could feel his cool breath against my lips with every passing second, time slowing around us until him and I were the only people in the world who mattered.

An angsty, exhilarating first-person reader-insert in which you are married to Thor, but in love with Loki. This is mainly little mini one shots of reader x characters. They all have either smut, fluff, or angst in them, sometime all three. Okay, who am I kidding, it is literally all Marvel but I am willing to write some non-marvel if you guys give me some prompts for specific characters :. After having a fight with your father, Odin, you run to Earth and hit hard times.

After becoming homeless, Thor finds you. The two asgardian brothers were fighting, like always. After the success of his plan, to take Thor and Odin out of the way to the throne, Loki's next step is to make his little sister, his wife, and his queen and Loki doesn't care if she wants it or not.

When Thor and Loki win an eating contest against Volstagg, you decide your victor's deserve a reward.Something in the bag was extremely cold, and the moment it touched your fingertips, you snatched your hand back from the bag.

You smiled in triumph and pulled the small object from the bag. A small, cold, plastic block lay in your hand. It felt as though it had been frozen, which fogged the plastic slightly, and caused a small amount of water to pool in your hand. You raised an eyebrow, what was it…? Was it a little Tesseract? Did that mean it was Loki…? The thought made you shudder a little.

That was definitely not who you wanted it to be. Your eyes inadvertently moved to Steve, before returning to focus on the slight green hue situated in the middle of the block, a soft hue of pink covering your cheeks. You forced your eyes and mind to focus back on the small cube, instead of Steve. No way… A green blob soon became visible within the cube. Was… was that a soldier…? It took everything in you not to squeal in joy.

The blonde man was about to protest when Tony slammed the door. The closet was large and empty, excluding you and Steve of course. It made you think that Tony had been planning this for a few hours at the very least, if not the entire day. Steve turned towards you, the small plastic packet still in his hand. You had to supress a laugh, he looked adorably awkward… When he finally noticed your bemused expression, he quickly fumbled with the plastic, before shoving it in his pocket and trying to avoid your gaze.

You smiled apologetically and shifted your weight from one foot to the other. Poor Steve, some of the crap Tony and the rest of them gave him… If he had any other type of temperament, he would have knocked the others out long ago.

You stepped forward and kiss his cheek. Your arms wrapped around his neck and you pulled him into a soft, gentle kiss. It was a bit of a stretch for you to even reach his lips, considering Steve was a good foot taller than you, but eventually his strong arms lifted you up, and his once tense muscles relaxed. Your fingers tangled in his hair as one of his hands slid to your collarbone, gently parting the two of you.Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines.

After a year you were finally back in New York. You had spent the last year studying in Madrid to improve your Spanish. Your aunt Pepper was going to pick you up since you were going to be staying at the Stark Tower with his boyfriend Tony Stark. You had met him a couple of times before they started dating and before he became Iron Man. He was an interesting man to say the less, even when he could be a pain in the ass from time to time. You would stay a few days with them before heading home in Chicago with your parents.

The only reason for you not to go straight back home was that you wanted to meet those Avengers you heard to talk about. You knew they were all living at the Tower so it was now or never. Pepper was ok with that, Tony too and so were your parents so everything was settled before you bought the tickets. Once you finally landed and were able to leave the plane, you went straight to take your luggage.

You had two big cases and your bag. A year was a long time and you had bought so many things. You took a trolley from the airport and put your cases on it since it was impossible for you to take everything by yourself.

She walked towards you and hugged you tight. You two had always had a really good relationship, she was more like your sister than your aunt to be honest. Now you were even more excited. You had read about them online and even had watched some videos on YouTube but you were really looking forward actually meeting all of them.

The drive to the tower was a bit long since the airport was far from everything but finally the car entered the garage. And he was there as well, along with Bruce Banner. It was amazing. Then you turned to take your bags but Tony stopped you.

thor x reader lemon

He really looked shy. It was probably hard for him. Bruce smiled a little and kept on working. You said goodbye to Bruce and followed Tony through the lab. He had some amazing items down there, most of them you had no idea what they were but they looked interesting. Everything in this tower had always been so interesting for you even when science was not your thing. When you reached the common living room of the tower it was completely empty and silence.

Maybe they had all gone out or were training? You noticed he had something under his cape. Then he literally took a tiny cat from under his cape. You opened your mouth surprised and smiled. Cats were definitely your favourite animal and you definitely had a weakness for them. He smiled widely and nodded. I love cats!Omega Reader plans to ride it out alone, locked in her room away from any unwanted Alphas. I just love this world and this culture so much.

I could easily come up with a whole other storyline happening there but this fic needs to wrap soon. So maybe next time! Part 17Part The sky was clear as the morning sun rose over the city of Asgard.

alpha thor x omega reader

The builders had already begun working for the day, finishing their repairs on various sites around the city that had been damaged in the attack. Thor watched stoically from the great hall, arms folded, leaning against the open arch. Observing as his people worked in unison to put their city back together. Keep reading. Summary : Just as Tony and Thor start looking for you, somebody else learns about your existence, and is suddenly more than happy to send his whole army to get you.

What do we think? We nervous yet? And what do you think should happen next? It was beating like crazy ever since Thor realised what was going on, and even more so when he found out what dangers you were facing now that you ran away. He thought about why you felt the need to run if he was the cause if he made you feel uncomfortable or scared. Because he would hate that. He would find out when he found you, but none of that was important. Thor just needed you in his arms again, scent you and let you know that you could trust him because he would always be there for you.

thor x reader lemon

You were his mate, mark or not.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Steve starts up a tradition of celebrating Thursdays but doesn't realize what he's got himself in for. Steve is a Rogers.

But well he was also an Addams on his Ma's side, too. Not something that Tony care about that much if he was honest, not even when all of his teammates seemed to fall in love with the man. But when the man starts confession his undying love for Tony in the form of stalking and bloody sacrifices Since Peggy went missing 7 years ago under 'suspicious circumstances', Steve's been trying to move on with his life, with little to no success.

Their daughter keeps trying to encourage him to go on dates, but nothing ever felt right, he never felt the same spark with anyone else. Until he's visiting her grave and an extremely attractive and charismatic man comforts him in a way he hadn't experienced in a long time. The blond looked away. Loki's eyes softened, and he sighed. Fine, I'll try something different, then.

Get into SCAD. Go to senior prom. Actually try and enjoy senior year. This was the list Steve Rogers made freshmen year. Well, at least his friends knew he was gay now. It's Thor who falls from the rainbow bridge instead of Loki, and it's Thor tasked with bringing the Chitauri invasion about.

He arrives to Earth a very different man, a more skilled warrior than he was, but wrong. Broken and made into something stronger. What will it take to stop him? What will it take to set him free?

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